Today 28/11-08

When we though the Show season was over for this year we got very good news from Cyprus

Demetris and Petit Ami's just in Time went Best In Show ju nior and in the end Best In Show nr. 2 of all

in Nicosia today, Greco is just 11 months old, Congratulation so much to you both

Petit Ami's Just In Time "Greco"

Nr. 1 dog, Norway

For the very first time in the hitory of the breed a Bichon Frise has been Top Dog in Norway

It was a close race but at the last show of the year Festus Became BOB and BIG 1 thatnk you so much to the judge Svein Helgesen

then he became Best In show nr. 3 the judge here was Lynne Lee, and got the last three point for the Top Dog and ended up with 61 points nr. two went to the Fox terrier with 58 points.

Festus getting his Trophy for TOP Dog

tBOB Festus, both got the title Norwgian w-08


9/11-08 Kongsberg Hundeklubb


We want to congtaulation Willie and Anette with BOB and BIG 2

and thank you for taking care of the kids when we was in Denmark

also congratulations to

Petit Ami's Indian Rose (Ch. Born Free av Pibeloni/Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose and Bjørg larsen,

and Petit Ami's Kruse Kalle (Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose/Ch. Petit Ami's Count on Me) and Anne Berit Flo

 both with CC from junior


Nordic Winner Dog Show

in Herning Denmark

 Festus is winning BOB and BIG 1 Saturday 8/11-08

Sadly we have to leav the BIS finale on Sunday as our dog sitter had to go to work on

Monday, and so had my husband

Thank you so much to the judges in the breed and in the Group


New England Bichon Frise Club, USA

 Congratulation to "Merlin

(Petit Ami's Inside Information)

and his owner Jewel Elias

Winning Best Of Sweepstakes

and Winners dog (Major)

at the Southern New England

Bichon Frise Club






Excpertly shown by Sacha Farnsworth



3 new champions with in 1 week

At the Finish Toydogsociety's championship show 2/11-08

Bamse "Multi Ch. Petit Ami's only the lonely"

Gained his Finsh Championship together with Elina Keinanen the team also became

BOB, BIG 1 and finaly BIS 2

Thank you so much Elina for your love and care of Bamse when he is in Finland


Sweeden Veksjø Skk Int.

New Champion Petit Ami's Formell 1

Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose

Ch. Paray's PetitAmi

owner Pia Schagerberg


Norwegian Dalmantiner Club 26/10-08

NNew Champion Petit Ami's First Allert

Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose

Ch. Paray's Petitami

Owner Eva Hansen


At the same show but the day before

Little Troll  "Petit Ami's Love me not leave me" got the CC on his first show out as a junior

Bitch CC went to "Selma" Petit Ami's Indian Rose, eier Bjørg Larsen.

Both sired by Festus.

judge Neil Graves Ca.


Watch up for him in the ring next year

Petit Ami's Love me not leave me `" TRoll "



See Festus in the group finale in Tromsø


Yes,yes,yes we are nr. 1 all breed so far


Best In Show at NKK int. show in Tromø 19/10-08

Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose "Festus"

CH. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose

Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose

Ch. Jitterbop Million Bucks

Thank you so much to the judges trough the day

BIS judge was L.H. Willberg, Norway


Group judge was J.G.A.Boelaars Netherland

and finaly the breed juge was H. Almgren from Sweden

Bos too Festus was Keymakers Joy is my name


What is better for a breeder than staying home and take it easy when your

puppy owners world wide do the job.

Noa is sired by Teddy, Greco by Bamse and Izi sired by Festus

Congratulations to all of you for a very nice weekend for Petit Ami


Denmark, Gørlev 11-12/10-08

Congratulation to Ulla and

Ch. Petit Ami's Great Pretender " Noa" with

BoB and club cc yesterday

BOB and Bis 4 today


Cyprus 11/10-08

BOB and BIG 3, from junior class

Petit Ami's Just in Time "Greco"

Owner Demetris


Sweden, Timrå 11/10-08

BoS and CC from Junior Petit Ami's Ibitzian Rose "Izi"

Eier Monica og Gullwi


Nkk. Int. in Kongsvinger 3/10-08

After this show Festus is nr. 2 all breed, one point behind nr. 1

The breed judge was Jari Partanen from Finland who gave him this critique;

"When he entered the ring I got chills. Exellent breed type, super propotions, georgeous super head and expression,

lovely body, exellent cote and presentation, moves with stricking attitud.

Judge in Group was Hans Almgren, Sweden, thank you to you both for makeing my day and let the show keep on.

But this was not all

Best In Show nr. 2 veteran

Multi ch. Petit Ami's Braveheart

and at last

Best in Show nr. 2 breeder group was Petit Ami

Thank you so much to my puppy owners who stay the day out for the finales

and to my friend Grethe who stayed for helping me with my two boys in the breeder group.

Thank you to Else and Anette who was our suporters on Sunday


New Junior Champion in one weekend, only 9 months and one week

Congratulation to Spirit's owner Mini Belle's Top Dog

Ro.Junior Champion Petit Ami's Knock on Heavens Door "Spirit"

Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose

Ch.Petit Ami's Count on me



20/9-08 IN Blaker, judge Rune Lysgård

Keymaker's Chance to Shine Jatzy

AAt the young age of just 5 months he went out to be

BIS puppy all breeds.

Thank you Elina for this lovely little monkey boy


NKK Int. champion ship show in Stavanger 13/9-08

BOB and BIG1

Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose

Thank you to the judges Å. Croander Sweden and Group Judge F.Cochetti, Italy


NTK's Championship show 23/8-8

Little Troll was shown (Petit Ami's Love me not Leave me)

He became BOB puppy and nr. 2 in Group

Judge was Tuire Okkola

YYou nearly did it Zorro

2 days Championship show at Mo i Rana

Ch. Petit Ami's Count on me


became Nr. 2 Best In Show

both days 23 and 24/8-08

His daughter and Festus's half sister (same mother), BOB and BIG 3 puppy


Petit Ami's Katie, own by Turid Småvik and Zorro's owner Elna Reinfjeld

Congratulation to you both


Yes, we did it again


NKK'S Int. Championshipshow in Drammen, qualifying for Crufts 17/8-08

Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose "Festus"with Judge Lynne Brant from

South Africa

Best in group 9

Festus winning the group with Judge A.Schemel Switzerland


Festus BOB and Cacib

BOS with CC and Cacib Victorie's Riccadonna Asti

Thank you Anette for your helph with handling Donna in the BOB competition.


Denmark 17/8-08

Congratulation to

Ch. Petit Ami's Great Pretender with

BOB and BIG2


                         Sweden 2/8-08                           

Petit Ami's Ibitzian Rose got CC from Junior class

The same weekend in Finland

her brother

Petit Ami's I keep the Faith got CC on Friday and Sunday.

BCongratulation to you both, (pictures comes later)


Paignton Ch.Show

Res. CC, Judge Jane Lilly

Petit Ami's Heavenly Made


New Danish Champion


Petit Ami's Great Pretender


The National -08 judge Marie Torpe Ireland


BOB Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose

BOS Bicia's Million Dollar Baby


Tvååker, Sweden 12/7-08

BOB, BIG res., New Swedish Champion, Judge Ann Houran, UK

N.SW.Ch. NW-07 Petit Ami's Devil's Rose


World Winner 2008

Stockholm 4/7-08

BOB, WW-08 Int.Ch. Nord.W.06,NW-06

Petit Ami's Born Simply the Best "Willie"

Owner Anette Becher


Best In Show

NKK Int. Oslo 29/6-08

BOB and B.I.S. Ch.NW-07 Petit Ami's Devil's Rose

Thank you so much to the judges trough the day


Best In Show 3

NMK 21/5-08

Ch. Petit Ami's Devil's Rose


Best In Show puppy

Cyprus May-08

Petit Ami's just In Time


Best In Show Espain


Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Viking


Best In Show Vetran Espain

Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Dandy Diamond