On this page I want to show you pictures of some of my Exports

as it is many of them you have to forgive me that I just have to do a selection


Int.N.Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Enzio, Sweden

Sw.N.Ch. Petit Ami's Rose Red, Sweden


Int. Esp.G.Ch. EuroW - Petit Ami's Dandy Diamond, Espain

Int.N.Sw.Fin.Dk.It.Ch. Petit Ami's You are my Choiche, Franc

Int.Fin.Sw.N.Ch. Petit Ami's Starshaine to Leaflet, Finland

Ca.Ch. Peitit Ami's Brinna for Yoannewyn, Canada

UK.Ch. Petit Ami's Va-Va-Voom, UK


Petit Ami's  Heavenly Made, UK

Petit Ami's Christopher Robin, UK

Am.Ch. Petit Ami's Bedazzler,USA

Int.Esp.Ch.Petit Ami's Nordic Estrella, Espain

Sw.N.Ch. Petit Ami's Exelent Expression,Sweden

Petit Ami's Inside Information, USA

Int.Esp.Gib.Ch. JWW-06 Petit Ami's Viking,Espain


Petit Ami's Perfect Angel

Petit Ami's I Keep the Fight, Finland

Peit Ami's Knock on Heaven's Door, Romania