Champions bred by

Petit Ami




Int.N.Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Chivas
Int.N.SW.Ch.Petit Ami's Fady Boy
Int.N.Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Queensway
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Ch.KBW Petit Ami's Queer Boy
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Sw.Ch.NW.93-94-99 SW.94 Petit Ami's Starmaker
Int.N.Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's St.Tian
Int.N.Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Shira Della
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Ch. Petit Ami's Yeoman
Int.N.SW.Dk.Fin.Ch.NW.-97-98,Nord W.97-98,WW 98 Petit Ami's Just A Magic Star
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Fin. Ch.Kbw 98,Sw.99,WW.00.I.W.OO Petit Ami's Perfect Angel

Int.N.Ch.NW-04,-05,Sw-05,-06, Kbh W (Dk-W)-05, Nord.W-05 Petit Ami's Only the Lonely

My foundation male,  Multi.Ch.Petit Ami's Starmaker

Uk.Ch. petit Ami's Va-Va-Voom

Int.Br.Panam.Ch.Grand Ch. Petit Ami's Spoiling the Party
Int.N.Sw.Fin.Ch.Nord.W.99,NW-00-01. Petit Ami's Rambling Rose
Int.Dk.Ch.WW.96 Petit Ami's Do you like me
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Ch. Petit Ami's Ayla
Int.N.Sw.Nl.Ch.NW.-01-02-03,SW.-02-03,WW.-02 Petit Ami's Braveheart
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Fin.It.Ch.Eur.W.-02 Petit Ami's you are my Choice
Int.N.Sw.Dk.Ch.Petit Ami's take on Me

Int.N,Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Jade

Int. Sw.N.DK.Ch.Petit Amiís Enzio

Int.N.Ch. Nordw-06, Nw-06, WW-08

Petit Amiís Born Simply the Best

Int.Esp.Ch. Petit Amiís Viking

Int.Esp.Ch,Petit Amiís Dandy Diamond

Int.Ch. Petit Amiís Nordic Estrella

My foundation girl, Multi.Ch.Petit Ami's rambling Rose

Multi Ch.Petit Ami's Only the Lonely

Int.N.Fin.Sw.Ch. Petit Amiís Starshine to Leaflet

Int.Nord.Ch.Petit Amiís Take on Me

N.Sw.Ch. Petit Am's Spaider Man
N.Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Katinka
N.Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Ninon Nineth
N.Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Exellent Raphsodi
N.Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Any Get Your Gun
N.Sw.Ch.SW.96 Petit Ami's Connection of Love

N.Sw.Ch.Petit Amiís Question of Love
N.Sw.Ch. Petit Amiís Uper-Ten

N.S.Ch. NW-07 Petit Ami's Devil's Rose

N.Ch. Petit Amiís Conquier the World

N.Ch. Petit Amiís Count on Me

N.Sw.Petit Amiís Rinomar
N.Ch.Petit Amiís After me Please
N.Ch.Petit Ami's Kissed By A Rose

N.Ch Petit Ami's Great Grace
N.Ch.Petit Ami's Ebba at Sangres
N.Ch Petit Ami's Hot Love
N.Ch.Petit Ami's Heartbreaker Tim


Captain on the boat,  already a leader,

at a very young age Willie showed who was the boss.

Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Just a Magic Star

N.Ch Petit Ami's Xtra-Xotic
N.Ch.Petit Ami's Do You Love me

N.Ch Petit Ami's Miss Molly
N.Ch Petit Ami's Ralph Dennis

N.Ch Petit Ami's Joppe
N.Ch.Petit Ami's Ain't no Fox

N.Ch.Petit Amiís Mr. Q

N.Ch.Petit Amiís Next Stop Is Nicola

N.Ch. Only You

Sw.Ch.Petit Amiís Nicole
Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Jenny Vive

Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Wild Card

Thank you so much to Anette for showing him to perfection and 

taking so good care of him. 

We have bred 86 Champions worldwide, including 26 International Ch.

and 5 World Winners  96- Int. Ch. Petit Ami's Do You Like me

 98- Int. Ch. Petit Ami's Just a Magic Star, 00-Int. Ch. Petit Ami's Perfect Angel, 02-Int. Ch. Petit Ami's braveheart, 08-Int. Ch. Petit Ami's Born Simply the Best, and 2 Junior World Winners

02-Petit Ami's Hello I'm the Peacemaker,06-Int. Ch. Petit Ami's Viking) And you are one of them

Ch.Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose

Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Why Me
Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's I'm Delha
Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Ryhme and Reason
Sw.Ch.Petit Ami's Peacemaker
Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Quola
Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Joy Rider
Sw.Ch. Petit Ami's Fit for Fighting

Sw.Ch. Petit Amiís Ferrari

Sw.Ch.Petit Amiís Wictor

Sw.Ch.Petit Amiís Precious Gift

Sw.Ch.Petit Amiís Fighting Spirit

Sw.N.Ch.Petit Amiís Rose Red

Sw.N.Ch.Petit Amiís Excellent Expression
Hung.Ch.Petit Ami's Heartbreaker
Dk.Ch. petit Ami's Quality Design

Dk.Ch.Petit Ami's As you Like it
Fin.Ch.Petit Ami's Quick Little Lady
Am.Ch. Petit Ami's Be-Dazzler

Ca.Ch.Petit Amiís Brianna for Yoannewyn

UK.Ch. Petit Amiís Va-Va-Voom

Dk.Ch. Petit Ami's Great Pretender

Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Braveheart

Ch. Petit ami's Count on Me

Multi Ch.Petit Ami's Born Simply the Best



N.S.Ch, NW-07 Petit Ami's Devil's Rose "Festus"