We wish to Welcome little “Whisper” from Kelzarki, Australia arrived Wednesday 23/12-09

Little Whisper is3 months old and this pictures are

taken  just

5 days after she arrived.




We want to  congratulation Troll little son in St. Petersburg with Best In Show puppy today

only 4 months old.

we are so happy for you Ira and Tango




Stora Stockholm 12/12-09

Congratulation to my wonderful

puppyowners Pia, Monica and Gullwi, you all do a great job.

BOB Petit Ami's Knock Out

BOS S.Fin.Ch. Petit Ami's Ibitzian Rose




 Coco is here

We welcome Victoire's Pina Colada



Thank you so much Vickie for an other lovely dog






Brother and sister winning the puppy group

at the same day, one in Norway and one in USA. 6/12-06, not 5 months old.

Congratulation to Anette and "Stella" Petit Ami's Nr. One



Congratulation to Paula and Barb with "Tate" winning in USA




 Norwegian Winner dog Show 28/12-2009.

 Thank you to the Judge M. Coad Uk

and my dear friend Anette for handlig Donna for me.

BOB Petit Ami's Love Me Not Leave Me

BOS Ch. Victoire's Riccadonna Asti                                              

We also get BIS 2 Breeder Group


Congratulation to Ch. Petit Ami's Great Pretender with

Top Bichon in Denmark 2009

Thank you Ulla for taking so good care of both Noa and Bamse.




Letohallen NDHK championship Show

BOB and BIG 2 our littel Kitty

Gemstone's Wild Rose.

She aslo got the CC in Denmark 19/9-09                  




Sundsvall, Sweden 2/10-09

Skk Int. Judge I. Ronander

BOB Petit Ami's Love Me Not Leave Me

BOS Ch. Victoire's Riccadonna Asti                                                 



Int. NKK Hamar

Congratulation to CC, and CacibBOB Petit Ami's Knock Out and Pia

Also a BIG congratulation to New Norwegian Champion

to Cola and Nimo's daughter S.N.Ch. Petit Ami's Finale Count down and Pia 2

Both dogs and Pia's lives in                                                 Sweden                                                                                                                                  





DKK int. Brønnby, Danmark

19/9-09 Judge Gunnar Nymann

BOB Petit Ami's Love Me Not Leave Me                                        


Santa and Troll babies 5 weeks old

"Babies has already new homes"

Petit Ami's Knock OutØstersund, Sweden Int. Skk 1/8-09

Congratulation to N.Dk.Sw.Sh. Petit Ami's Count on me for his Swedish Championship and Cacaib, BOB and Group 3

to Petit Ami's Kati for CC and Cacib, she is not old enough for her championship yet.


Alfstad, Sweden

Bob, CC.Cacib Petit Ami's Ibizian Rose


Tvååker, Sweden 12/7-09

New Champion, Cola and Nimo's daughter, nr. 3 in this litter.

Petit Ami's Finale Count Down


Borås, Sweden  27-28/6-09

BOB CC first day, BOS ,CC day two

Petit Ami's Looking for Love

Day two

BOB cc Gr. res. Petit Ami's Knock Out, BOS, CC Petit  Am's Looking for love


What a weekend for 4 of Tia's sons.

Best In Show 21/6-2009 NMHK

Judge L.R. Hjort

Petit Ami's Love me not Leave me "Troll" BOB.CC and BIS

BOS, cc Gemstone's Wild Rose

Salten Hunde Klubb 20/6-09

BOB, Big1, Bis 2

Troll's big brother

N.Dk.Ch Petit Ami's Count on me

Owner Elna Reinfjell

BOS CC Petit Ami's Katie

Owner Turid Småvik/E. Reinfjell

Troll's little brother Petit Ami's Made

for me Rocky was BOB puppy and nr. 4 in group 9

Sandefjord Hunde klubb 20/6-09

BOB,cc and Big 2

Troll's litter mate

Petit Ami's Loved by a Rose

Owner Gro and Sverre Ims





"Puppy new's"

We expect 2 litters of puppies from aprox. 1th of July to 15th of July

Proud parents are: Ch. Gizmo's Santana / Petit Ami's Love me not leave me

and Int.N.It.Ch. Yoannewyn Viva Brianna / Int.N.Sw.Fin.Ch. Petit Ami's You are my choice


NKK Int. Drammen

Judge E, Thomas S. Africa

Ch. Victorie's Riccadonna Asti

Today Donna showed her heart out and won



Petit Ami's Love Me not Leave me



Norkøping SDHK

BOB, CC and BIS Interm,

Petit Ami's Looking for Love "Stina"   Troll's little sister                     


Stina is handled, loved and spoild by her owner Madde    

Frantzen Sweden.          

Gemstone's Wild Rose " Kitty"

Has arrived,

and  I know many wonder if she ever get clean,

and as you can see she manage, but just for a few minutes.

Thank you Jewel and Mitchel for

and other "troll" in my kennel

NMHK Champchip show 23/5-09

Breed judge A.C. Unnelsrød

BIS judge G. Kostopoluse Grece

BOB and BIS 3

Troll is still not more than 17 months old 



Mo Hundeklubb 23/5-09

Judge for the day Avi Marshak

Best In Show

Troll's half brother

BIR BIS Petit Ami´s Count On Me

F.Legend´s Top Billing

owner E.Reinfjell


BIM Cert Petit Ami´s Katie

F.Petit Ami´s Count On Me

M..Petit Ami´s Kissed By A Rose

Owners E.Reinfjell/T.Småvikandau ngTo Petit Ami


News 2009


Ch. Victorie's Riccadonna Asti

"Donna" became BOB and new champion on the first possible show after she gain the age.

Thank you to the judge Ingela Nilson, Sweden

And 100 times thank you to Donna's breeder Vickie Halstead for letting me have Donna.

she i our Sun Shine, always happy

Vesterås Int. Champion chipshow in Sweden


BOB, cc Petit Ami's Knock Out, eier Pia Schagerberg

BOS,cc Petit Ami's Looking for Love, eier Madeleine Franzen

Thank you to the judge and of course to you both girls

Norwegian Bichon Frise Club's

Club show, judge Mrs. J. Elias USA

Best In Show

Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Born Simpley the Best

Eier Anette becher

Best bitch

Petit Ami's Looking for Love, eier Maddeleine Franzen

BIS juniors


Petit Ami's Knock Out, eier Pia Schagerberg

Petit Ami's Looking for Love, eier Maddeleine Franzen




 New American champion 12/3-09


 Am.Ch. Petit Ami's Inside Information "Merlin"


Congratulation to his owner J.Elias

and thank you to the judges and handlers

NKK int. Telemark



Petit Ami's Love me not leave me

As we had puppies at home

we could not stay for the group

Norsk Schnauzer Bouvier Klubb

Exporama (hellerudsletta)


Judge Dickmann, Ferdi

Petit Ami's Kruse-Kalle


Owner Anne Berit Flo




Norsk Boxer Club 14/2-09

Judge Arne Foss

Group same as the breed

Best In Show

Marit Sunde



Petit Ami's Love me not

leave me

Thank you so much to Anette

who came here

and groomed and

showed Troll

for me when I got puppies



 Best In Show Cyprus

8/2/2009 Judge - Mr Petru Muntean (Romania)

Petit Ami's Just In Time



                                                                                                                                    Puppies 2009

2009 first puppies born at theValentines day 14/2-09

 Valper ventes 15/2-09

Out of Ch. Petit Ami's Kissed by a Rose (mother of Festus)

After Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Viking



Welcome to Norway Kitty

 Kitty is still with her breeder but will arive

in the end of Mars

Watch out for her in the show ring this year,

if I use all my experience we will maybe mange 


Norsk Berner Sennen Hund Klubb's ust.

Letohallen 11/1-09

Judge H.Johansson SW.

Bir. Multi Ch. Petit Ami's Born Simply the


Owner Anette becher

BOS  with cc Bamse's daughter

Teddy Bear's Around my Heart






At the same show our

Keymaker's Chance to Shine

Yatzy won BOB puppy and nr. 2

in puppy group

Norsk Dobermankl. 10/1-09


Petit Ami's Love Me Not Leave Me


BOS  cc, again Bamse's daughter

Teddy Bear's Around my Heart

Eier A.K  Stenersen




Best In Show 2

only 11 1/2 months old

was Troll

his second time out

Thank you to the judges trough the day

C.G Stafberg SW. in the breed

and the group 9

Best I Show judge

was Gøran Bodegård SW.

See me on the move!!!!


The year 2009 started with a

New Champion

Congratulation Willie and

Anette with his

Swedish Champion ship